Point Standings

Current Point Standings for PCQHA Members





Exhibitors should be reminded that the required number of PCQHA points necessary to earn a year-end buckle is 35 PCQHA points in each class.



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8:30 am to 3:00 pm thats what I wore. At the end of the day I asked for my boys clothing, but was told they had lost them. I found out they had cut them up into various sized pieces. So I had to walk all the way home (about 3 miles) in the dress. Upon arriving home my mother said I looked cute and had me stay dressed as I was for the rest of the evening.

I really like that the purse isn't lined. It's just pure leather and it makes michael kors handbags clearance the bag more flexible. The inside boasts two huge pockets and a middle area that is huge. This allows for so much storage inside the bag and that is super important to me. The middle of the inside is actually big enough for me to put my laptop in.

AVON SuperSHOCK INTENSE, which as you can tell from all the CAPS LOCK in the name means serious business. The wand (and indeed the mascara itself) are yuge, yet the rubber spikes on the cheap michael kors bags comb are teeny and somehow, and this has always baffled me, create lovely buildable volume. I tried the emerald shade on the tips of my lashes and it reminded me how much fun coloured mascara is. Sadly for vampires and the extremely hungover, there wasn one made for red eyes. Being of green eyes, I was served up a quad of plums, pinks and burgundy. Being a beauty know all who has trumpeted the dazzling effects of purples on green eyes for years, knock off michael kors this pleased me much, although for day to day wearability, I would probably elect to (illegally) wear the hazel quad, which has burgundy, chocolate, green and peachy sandstone.$15.95

What was very significant at the press week showing, however, was the change of venue from Bryant Park to the Chelsea Piers much to the chagrin of the working press, who spent half their time hailing cabs to get to other venues selected by designers michael kors clearance handbags who wouldn't show at the Piers.

When I recently saw a black and white checkered jump suit in a fashion magazine spread, I was reminded of my own black and white checkered jump suit that I wore years ago. Its surplice styling would still be a good feature, but the wide leg pants not so much, and the thick shoulder pads well, those are totally out now. But the black and white remains a good high contrast color combination, and it one michael kors handbag outlet of the most popular for today checkered garments.

On the other hand, a more youthful silhouette has been shaped by ruffles and fringed trim that tilt the swimsuit design to girly and flirty. Many of these cheeky choice swimsuits have been accented by unconventional waist cinching belts that, in turn, push a pristine sense of all American sophistication.Lastly, the newest and trendiest update to the one piece is the scuba suit.


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